Aloha, I’m Coco Cohen. A big time hugger.

I hope to meet you in person someday but for now a web hug will have to do.

My mission is to showcase how easy, joyful and abundant a vegan lifestyle can be. Adapting a vegan lifestyle has completely transformed my family for the better. I hope I can help you find the same kinds of benefits, because you deserve it!

A little bit about me. – I live in Portland Oregon with my husband/college sweetheart, Bubba, and  our rescue pup, Banjo.

Coco and Bubba

Bubba and I are expecting our first baby Spring 2018. We are thrilled to be growing our vegan family and hope to bring you along each step of the way.

I’m into picnics, veganism, my family, collage, camping,  filming,  cuddling, moon stones, DIY’s, road trips, mangos and mothering/feeding creatures big and small but most of all I’m into Eclectic and Vegan.